Custom Shoes Made:

Custom Shoes Made With Us Are Great

And Help With Your Orthopedic Needs. 


  • While-U-Wait Sine Experts
  • Personal Shine Expert
  • Reason Battery Change Now
  • Shine Tool Boxes 
  • Custom Shoe Repair Done Right
  • Shoe Shine Box Tools
  • Blue Shine Man
  • Blue Shine Crew Men
  • Purple Shine Crew Tool Box

Happy To Serve:

  • Same Day Custom Design
  • Same Day Cool Coat
  • Cool Way To Get Around -Museums, etc
  • Cool Way To Start Off The Day
  • Cool Starbucks
  • Cool Shine
  • Cool Shopping At Beauty Salon
  • Cool Clothing S
  • Cool Better
  • Convenient
  • Bus

Some Cool Stuff

Our Shoes:


Brooks Custom Shoes

Brooks Has Been In Business Since 1975 With One Owner Still Being Kept. I Will Certainly Spell Th Word Out: Brooks Shoes.  

I Will Never Find So Many Select Inside One Small Store. My Goal Is To Sell The Most Individual Concept In The World. 


​​Shoes Made Personal With Custom Shoe Line. It's Cool. Be Personal. Do The Right Thing With Your Shoes. Personal Right Being Is Being Kept Right Here. Be Careful On Who You Choose To Make Custom Layout. Here We Will Have A Personal Touch With Every Demand.

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                                                             680 S. Cloverdale Ave. Miracle Mile, CA . 90036